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CyGov’s Integrated Cyber

Risk Management Solutions

CyGov's Solutions  


We believe that in order for you to remain ahead of the ever-growing cyber threat, you need to adopt a strategic cyber risk management plan that addresses cyber security from end to end, considering people, processes and physical security, as well as technology.

CyGov's Risk Management Platform empowers your organization to locate and understand your cyber risks. It addresses every possible risk factor and guides your organization on how best to mitigate them. Our IRM platform is a vital tool that encompasses streamlined data collection, deep analysis, powerful visuals, automated remediation planning, live threat intelligence and progress tracking that enables your organization to visualize your risk strategically, simplifying ongoing risk management and facilitating robust security posture.

Advanced Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Information Security Management

CyGov’s proprietary IRM platform revolutionizes the way that you handle cyber risk management, incorporating cutting-edge cyber security standards. Access faster and more accurate data collection, advanced cyber risk analysis algorithms, continual cyber risk assessment, dynamic visualizations, prioritized cyber risk remediation and ongoing risk management.

Compliance Management

Improve your compliance management by using a single integrated platform. Comply with NIST cyber security guidelines while choosing the industry-specific regulatory standards relevant to your organization.


Threat Intelligence

Relevant live cyber threat intelligence feeds keep your cyber risk score accurate and up to date in real time.

Benchmarking and Tracking

CyGov’s platform delivers full visibility and accountability, allowing you to track progress over time.

Security Control Assessment

Assess your organization’s layers of defense by mapping your critical assets and security controls' implementation.

Automated Remediation Planner

Optimize your gap remediation, allocate resources and prioritize security measures for maximum effect and efficiency.

Board Level Dashboard

CyGov’s powerful visualizations include clear, coherent top-level dashboards that display your organization’s cyber risk score at a glance. Board members and C-level executives with no technical background can quickly and easily grasp your cyber risk readiness, providing them with vital understanding of your organization’s cyber risk posture.

Risk Attack Simulation

Use our powerful risk attack simulation to discover how your organization would fare in the event of a large-scale cyber attack and locate vulnerabilities that you might not have foreseen.