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Multi-Tenant Platform 

MSSP's, Consulting Firms, Information Security Service Providers, VAR's 

Why do service providers choose CyGov?

Handle multiple client engagements simultaneously with CyGov’s unique, responsive management dashboard that allows you to quickly shift from high-level, multi-environment oversight to granular cyber risk analysis. Clear visualizations and reliable progress indicators allow for unbroken communication with every level of management.

Automation and Visualization

Improved communication with clients, even those with no technical background, with CyGov’s clear and coherent visualizations. Speed up and streamline your cyber risk management services with automated and customized data collection workflows.

Prioritized Remediation Plan

Automated, prioritized and customized gap remediation planner that supports ongoing communication with all of your clients to ensure streamlined task management and improved scoring.

Customized Scoring

Proprietary algorithm automatically weighs and assesses your cyber risk readiness, taking into consideration live threat intelligence, gap remediation and changes to your environment producing a real-time cyber risk score visible to all of your clients.


Information Security Management

Integrate cyber security management with an end to end solution that streamlines data collection, analysis, visualization, updates and more across multiple clients and environments.

Compliance Management

Customize compliance management for each client’s regulatory requirements.

Threat Intelligence

Automated, real-time threat intelligence ensures that your clients are not caught unawares.

Benchmarking and Tracking

Reassure your clients by enabling them to track the progress of cyber gap remediation, compare cyber risk readiness with previous reports, and benchmark vital data.

Security Control Assessment

Map and assess the critical assets of every organization under your purview, reviewing critical security controls and ensuring their implementation at every level.

Automated Remediation Planner

Manage workflows efficiently across multiple clients with an automated list of gap remediation actions, organized according to priority per client and updated in real time.

Board Level Dashboard

Deliver cyber risk data that is understood by everyone, including executives and board members, without compromising on the high level of data needed by tech teams.

Risk Attack Simulation

Test each client’s cyber risk readiness, identify what needs improvement and demonstrate the strength of your cyber risk management with a full simulation of major cyber attacks.

Experience how CyGov streamlines and simplifies cyber risk management for MSSP's

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