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CyGov's Products

Empower Cyber Risk and Compliance Management with One Powerful Platform

CyGov's SaaS platform empowers cyber risk management with dynamic visualizations, streamlined risk assessment and automated gap remediation.

Move away from manual risk management with CyGov’s IRM platform. Simplify, streamline and automate data collection, analysis, visualization and ongoing cyber risk management using unique dashboards, automated remediation steps and continual cyber posture assessment. Bring a new level of insight and understanding to your cyber and compliance with CyGov’s platform.

Integrated Risk Management Platform

CyGov presents an innovative SaaS solution that streamlines the entire risk management process, from automated data collection and advanced analysis to clear visualizations and focused gap remediation. Ensure live, dynamic risk management across all your departments and branches with CyGov’s proprietary technology.

Service Provider Suite

CyGov’s Service Provider Suite delivers effective cyber threat intelligence, assessment and remediation for multiple clients through one unique dashboard, enabling service providers to manage numerous cyber risk engagements simultaneously. Maintain coherent communication about cyber risk with every level of management for every client, without compromising on the quality of technical information needed for efficient cyber risk remediation. Create the ability to identify additional opportunities to further protect your clients through our business analytics module.

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