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Empower Cyber Risk and Compliance Management with One Powerful Platform

CyGov's SaaS platform empowers cyber risk management with dynamic visualizations, streamlined risk assessment and automated gap remediation.

Move away from manual risk management with CyGov’s IRM platform. Simplify, streamline and automate data collection, analysis, visualization and ongoing cyber risk management using unique dashboards, automated remediation steps and continual cyber posture assessment. Bring a new level of insight and understanding to your cyber and compliance with CyGov’s platform.

3rd Party

Empower vendor risk management with our powerful platform

which helps automate and oversee your vendor risk program.

The platform's state of the art automated on-boarding module

supports a new and existing vendor risk program at scale.

CyGov continuously monitors the public web and dark web for risks the pertain to your suppliers, adding a crucial layer of intelligence to stay ahead of the next breach. 


CyGov’s top-level, dynamic dashboards present a bird’s-eye view of the entire organization’s cyber risk posture in a way that is fully comprehensible for everyone involved in the organization. Board members and C-level executives who have no technical background can grasp critical cyber risk posture at a glance, viewing the cyber risk and compliance of every department, progress made towards remediation, and the organization’s cyber risk readiness score, all presented in a clear manner.

1st Party

Empower cyber risk and compliance management with one powerful platform which helps automate the entire lifecycle starting with collection and continuing through to analysis and remediation. CyGov continuously monitors internal and external data, allowing you to identify and manage the most critical risks facing your organization.   

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