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Internal Risk Management

Empower cyber risk and compliance management with one powerful platform which helps automate the entire lifecycle starting with collection and continuing through to analysis and remediation. CyGov continuously monitors internal and external data, allowing you to identify and manage the most critical risks facing your organization.    


Organizations are trying to collect, analyze, quantify and remediate cyber risks using people and manual tools such as spreadsheets and GRC platforms. The threats continue to grow in both frequency and complexity, while the regulatory environment has become extremely demanding.  


CyGov delivers a SaaS-based cyber risk management platform that empowers organizations to understand their cyber risks and how best to manage them.  Our solution simplifies the entire lifecycle, while providing an innovative visualization approach to overseeing security utilizing integrated live threat intelligence.

Why Choose CyGov

CyGov brings you end to end cyber risk management that streamlines data collection, delivers powerful visualizations, provides dynamic cyber risk analysis and empowers you with real-time cyber threat intelligence. Enjoy a new level of insight into your cyber risk posture and wield your enhanced awareness to bolster your cyber threat readiness.

Automation and Visualization

Prioritized Remediation Plan

Customized Scoring


Information Security Management

Integrate your cyber security management with an end to end solution that encompasses data collection, analysis, visualization and updates.

Compliance Management

Simplify and speed up your compliance assessment and management with our integrated, fully customizable compliance management platform.

Threat Intelligence

Always possess the most up-to-date threat intelligence with automated, real-time updates.

Benchmarking and Tracking

Track the progress of cyber threat remediation for full visibility and benchmark your cyber risk readiness for comparison with previous periods at a glance.

Security Control Assessment

Map your organization’s assets and ensure consistent implementation of security controls for an end to end assessment of your defense layers.

Automated Remediation Planner

See an automated and prioritized list of gap remediation tasks, updated in real time.

Board Level Dashboard

Present non-technical C-level executives and board members with dynamic dashboards that enable immediate understanding of the organization’s cyber risk without compromising on the high level of data needed by your tech team.

Risk Attack Simulation

Prepare to withstand any cyber threat by running a full simulation of a major cyber attack, evaluating how your organization would hold up and discovering what needs strengthening.

Why IRM?

No organization can be complacent about cyber security. 87% of midsize enterprises will face a security breach by 2022, but cyber risk solutions haven’t been keeping pace with the threat. All too many companies are still using tools that don’t deliver on their cyber risk management needs. Data collection is frequently done manually, making it slow, reactive and inaccurate. Incoherent cyber risk visualizations are difficult to grasp if you lack technical experience, while disorganized results take longer to convert into actionable insights. Static, non-responsive reports hamper your ability to track threat remediation progress, build cyber risk knowledge or react to threat intelligence.

The first weapon in your arsenal should be an integrated, dynamic risk management platform that gives you full visibility into your cyber risk readiness. You need reliable, streamlined data collection, combined with real-time threat intelligence reports, to avoid gaps in your cyber security awareness. Advanced algorithms developed by intelligence and cyber experts deliver accurate and clear analysis that empowers you to improve your cyber risk readiness, with the entire process presented in dynamic visualizations that are simple enough to be understood by every level of management but powerful enough to enable your tech teams to do their work. A prioritized, automated gap remediation plan makes cyber security improvements coherent and trackable. With an integrated platform, your cyber risk management is continual, perpetually updated based on gap remediation, real-time cyber threat intelligence reports and changes to your cyber environment.

See how CyGov's IRM Platform improves your cyber risk management