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Manage multiple regulatory compliance frameworks and standards in one single platform

FFIEC Standard for Financial Institutions


CyGov has integrated the FFIEC risk profile and maturity assessment. The banking industry had adopted the FFIEC as one of the primary frameworks in regards to measuring cyber risk and readiness. Using the CyGov platform you can manage and review your FFIEC compliance starting with assessing the institution’s inherent risk profile based on five categories:

Technologies and Connection Types

Delivery Channels

Online/Mobile Products and Technology Services

Organizational Characteristics

External Threats Management

Then the platform guides you through the second phase of evaluating the institution’s cyber security maturity level for each of five domains:

Cyber Risk Management and Oversight

Threat Intelligence and Collaboration

Cyber security Controls

External Dependency Management

Cyber Incident Management and Resilience

CyGov has mapped this standard back to all other frameworks and standards including the NIST framework which creates time saving, accuracy and peace of mind when collecting and analyzing the data. 

Additional Supported Standards and Frameworks​


NIST 800.53

NIST 800.171

ISO 27001





Compliance Benefits with CyGov’s IRM Platform

Streamlined Information Security Management

Organizations benefit from CyGov’s facilitation of compliance data collection through organized questionnaires for key stakeholders, automated follow up and the creation of a clear paper trail for improved accountability. Data that has previously been collected by the platform is automatically pulled and prefilled into the relevant regulatory forms, simplifying and speeding up compliance management.

Customized Compliance Management

The platform can be customized according to relevant industry-specific regulatory standards, ensuring that compliance data is always audit-ready.

End to End Compliance Analysis

CyGov’s proprietary algorithms analyze internal data, business processes, physical security and people in order to arrive at a single, comprehensive compliance score for every department, entity and standard.

Board Level Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards enable board members and C-level managers to understand compliance at a glance, using clear, bold visuals to convey priorities and changes in an organization’s compliance.

Responsive Compliance Assessment

Instead of a static compliance score, CyGov’s compliance assessment is responsive, continually updated according to real-time changes in regulatory standards, progress in gap remediation and other internal or external changes, providing live, reliable and accurate compliance scoring.

Automated Gap Remediation

Prioritized, automated gap remediation helps organizations to strengthen compliance and allocate resources effectively, and is fully trackable to show progress.

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