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Protect your energy infrastructure


Protect your energy infrastructure and stay a step ahead of cyber criminals with advanced, integrated cyber risk management that automates, simplifies, and analyzes cyber risk scoring and gap remediation in real time.

Automation and visualization

Collect cyber risk data on all your energy infrastructure with ease using our streamlined, automated system. Our advanced, powerful algorithm analyzes cyber risk data from all stakeholders, then uses dynamic visualization to display your cyber risk posture on an easy to understand management-level dashboard.

Prioritized remediation

Improve gap remediation across all locations and energy systems with our prioritized, customized gap remediation checklist. Access actionable insights that direct you to the most urgent issues first to make your gap remediation more effective.

Customized scoring

View customized cyber risk scoring that you can rely on, with live cyber risk assessment that draws on real-time cyber threat intelligence, gap remediation activity, changes to your cyber environment and regulatory updates to deliver the most accurate cyber risk posture.

Manage your compliance and risk in a smooth and intuitive way with more automation and less manual solutions

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