Crisis Risk Framework

CyGov has formed a Coronavirus Task Force to launch a new risk management framework open to all organizations caught in the crisis.

The new framework—based on the NIST 800-46 enables business leaders to better manage cyber security systems under today’s abnormal conditions. It contains a proprietary set of rules governing risks pertaining to a redeployed workforce—and should be used as a lens for viewing threats generated by the pandemic, ensuring that organizations use best practices to manage them.


Both current customers and non-customers can use our platform to identify, monitor and prepare for risks—all free of charge.


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Crisis cyber

Risk Framework

CyGov has formed a Coronavirus Task Force to build a new crisis risk framework open to all organizations through the CyGov platform, free of charge

resilience Cyber Intelligence Feed

CyGov has created an online intelligence feed to keep organizations up to date on emerging threats, relevant developments and attempted breaches—all in real time.

Coming Developments

Stay tuned as our Coronavirus Task Force creates new tools and resources in the coming days and weeks.

Why Choose CyGov

CyGov brings you the first ever born in the cloud integrated risk management platform that streamlines data collection, delivers powerful visualizations, provides dynamic cyber risk analysis and empowers you with real-time cyber threat intelligence. Enjoy a new level of insight into your cyber risk posture and wield your enhanced awareness to bolster your cyber threat readiness.

1st Party

1st Party

3rd Party


Integrate your cyber security management with an end to end solution that encompasses data collection, analysis, visualization and updates.

Compliance Management

Simplify and speed up your compliance assessment and management with our integrated, fully customizable compliance management platform.

Threat Intelligence

Always possess the most up-to-date threat intelligence with automated, real-time updates.

Benchmarking and Tracking

Track the progress of cyber threat remediation for full visibility and benchmark your cyber risk readiness for comparison with previous periods at a glance.

Security Control Assessment

Map your organization’s assets and ensure consistent implementation of security controls for an end to end assessment of your defense layers.

See an automated and prioritized list of gap remediation tasks, updated in real time.

Attack Simulator

Prepare for new cyber threats by running a full simulation of major industry cyber attacks, evaluating how your organization would hold up  and what can be fixed.

API Feed Integration

Feed data into the CyGov risk engine and dashboard from you vulnerability sc​anner, firewall and other live monitoring tools 

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