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Partner Resource Center 

The CyGov partner resource center provides its certified partners with all the necessary resources and materials, to market, sell, implement and train clients on the CyGov platform. 

CyGov delivers a SaaS-based cyber risk management platform that empowers organizations to understand their cyber risks and how best to manage them.  Our solution simplifies the entire lifecycle, while providing an innovative visualization approach to overseeing security utilizing integrated live threat intelligence.


Organizations are trying to collect, analyze, quantify and remediate cyber risks using people and manual tools such as spreadsheets and GRC platforms. The threats continue to grow in both frequency and complexity, while the regulatory environment has become extremely demanding.  



CyGov brings you the first ever born in the cloud integrated risk management platform that streamlines data collection, delivers powerful visualizations, provides dynamic cyber risk analysis and empowers you with real-time cyber threat intelligence. Enjoy a new level of insight into your cyber risk posture and wield your enhanced awareness to bolster your cyber threat readiness.

1 st Party

Empower cyber risk and compliance management with one powerful platform which helps automate the entire lifecycle.

3rd Party

Empower vendor risk management with our powerful platform which helps automate and oversee your vendor risk program.


CyGov’s top-level, dynamic dashboards present a bird’s-eye view of the entire organization’s cyber risk posture.

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