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Board Level


Board Level Dashboard

CyGov’s top-level, dynamic dashboards present a bird’s-eye view of the entire organization’s cyber risk posture in a way that is fully comprehensible for everyone involved in the organization. Board members and C-level executives who have no technical background can grasp critical cyber risk posture at a glance, viewing the cyber risk and compliance of every department, progress made towards remediation, and the organization’s cyber risk readiness score, all presented in a clear manner.


With this powerful visualization, all members of the organization are able to understand the level of cyber risk. As even board members would be held accountable for a cyber security breach or organizational non-compliance, it’s vital for them to be fully informed about the organization’s cyber risk posture. CyGov’s dynamic dashboard enables executives and managers who lack technical experience to internalize the level of cyber risk in the organization, and see how best to allocate and prioritize cyber risk management resources.

Visual dashboards that quantify and simplify cyber risk and compliance to effectively manage the cyber risk lifecycle for quick and easy reporting to senior leadership

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