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Visual dashboards that quantify and simplify cyber risk and compliance to effectively manage the cyber risk lifecycle for quick and easy reporting to senior leadership




Reports that taking weeks and sometimes months to prepare. Compiled manually from spreadsheets, the reports tended to be poorly structured, overly technical, and unclearly connected to both previous quarters or wider business concerns.

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Designed from end to end for strategic decision making, CyGov’s executive reporting features enabled the Cyber Risk Team to automate over 50% of their collection and analysis work while dramatically improving the utility of the reports for senior-level decision makers

CyGov’s top-level, dynamic dashboards present a bird’s-eye view of the entire organization’s cyber risk posture in a way that is fully comprehensible for everyone involved in the organization. Board members and C-level executives who have no technical background can grasp critical cyber risk posture at a glance, viewing the cyber risk and compliance of every department, progress made towards remediation, and the organization’s cyber risk readiness score, all presented in a clear manner.

Simple and visually appealing

reports , giving users a “30,000-foot” view of their risk posture

Quantitative benchmarking and tracking that reveals progress quarter over quarter

Easy exporting of reported data to PowerPoint format

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