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Automated Remediation Planner

CyGov delivers an automated and prioritized list of gap remediation actions that are needed to improve the organization’s cyber posture, saving time for organizations and enabling them to  identify the most urgent tasks quickly and easily. CyGov’s automated remediation planner empowers teams to agree on the best allocation of resources for optimal cyber risk management. CyGov’s list of remediation actions is continually managed and reassessed, automatically realigning priorities according to changing cyber threat intelligence and regulatory updates.

Organizations can further benefit from CyGov’s automated remediation planner by using it to track progress in gap remediation. Since it is fully interactive, tech employees can mark tasks as completed as they move through the list. This automatically updates the organization’s overall cyber risk score, allowing everyone involved to clearly view the impact of gap remediation work.

Automated, actionable remediation list which prioritizes your next steps so you can begin immediate and ongoing risk improvements

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